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By following our nose we were tempted to follow our dream! Ambergris is here to assist you, your home, your special occasions, your offices, retail outlets smelling good and in feeling and conveying something we call “Liquid Emotions”!

Our dream is to reach out to every possible part of the country and share the beauty and ecstasy of the world of fragrances with everyone…..Come be a part of this beautiful journey!

Ambergris is a dream... dream to revive the legacy, dream to make each person, home, office, retail outlet and occasion smell good! And most importantly smell good without burning a hole in a pocket!

We are not “The Nose” and we never wish to be. We are just passionate fragrance lovers who have a vision to make India smell good and in feeling and conveying something we call “Liquid Emotions”!

By following our nose we were tempted to follow our dream....that’s Ambergris for you!

Our Story

India's first fragrance experience creator.. That's Ambergris for you!

Hello everyone! This is Vikram and Madhurima and we would like to share with all of you the Story of the creation of Ambergris!!

Vikram's Story

It all started when I was 15 years old and my cousin gifted my family couple of exotic Arabian perfumes... whenever I smelt them I used to get mesmerized by its heavenly fragrance...as if I am in a different world altogether.

I was lucky to somehow get perfumes from US for few years after that, either during my business visit or asking friends to get few for me. Having said that, once all those got exhausted, suddenly realized that how difficult it is to get a good fragrance in India at reasonable price! I mean...come on...a perfume which I can get in US for less than $20 I have to pay INR 4000??? And I am not even talking about some exotic new fragrance!

Another thing I noticed is that in our country with 1.3 Billion, there is not a single Indian International Perfume House! None... and we simply know nothing about fragrances (I am not counting that tiny population of “Frag Heads”) and ironically we are the country with heritage and history of perfumes of thousands of years (btw history of “Modern Perfume” is only 200 to 300 years old).

Madhurima's Story

Growing up in an environment where various forms of scents & fragrances were used daily, it was very natural for me during my childhood to form an inclination towards perfumes, colognes which later graduated to scented oils and scented candles in life.

With the passing years my love for different perfumes grew and thankfully due to many friends and relatives living and visiting abroad I got perfumes as gifts from time to time. Over a period of time I started trying to sniff out the ingredients in each and also differentiate between the families etc. and form my taste and preferences, but obviously due to lack of exposure into the world of perfumes my knowledge was limited, but passion for trying perfumes and knowing about scents & fragrances was unlimited.

I too later realized that all quality perfumes are not only imported, but also very expensive for a commoner. Also during my interactions with the shop floor staff at various perfume stores across the country, I was grossly disappointed with the lack of knowledge and passion from them. Plus many I know is still oblivion to the beautiful world of fragrances and doesn’t consider it as part of their daily wardrobe!

So when we met and discussed about perfumes, scents & fragrances we realized we both have the same passion towards the world of fragrances and the passion in our hearts to reach out to all across the country and globe and create awareness about it and create Magic! Hence it was the birth of Ambergris……our dream and passion.

Why Ambergris

We are the only one to cater to end user segment in India

(most likely): Not that there are no fragrance consultants in India, majority of them are catering to different manufacturing companies in various domains. Ambergris is an entity whose services are mainly dedicated to the end users. Ambergris is humbly here to serve the billions of Indians who have unfortunately being derived from knowledge of smelling good and make surrounding smell well at reasonable cost.

Selling products is not our prime objective

Ambergris has no pressure to make sales. We are not motivated by any particular company; we do not work for any fragrance line and NO company endorses or pays us if we suggest an item from their range. Though to create a win-win situation, we do interact with various fragrance manufactures and Perfume Houses and organize sales event at your premises.

Most sales personnel do not have the fragrance experience and have limited knowledge

We have experience in buying and wearing fragrances. We are familiar with hundreds of men and women fragrance. Most sales personnel know only the range offered at that store; We have experienced majority of ALL of the fine fragrance products in the market

Personalized Attention

Sales personnel can be too busy, too unfamiliar, or too inexperienced to help tailor consumer’s personal needs and requirements. Ambergris fragrance experience will change your perspective for fragrance forever and will provide you with fragrance experience for life time!

We are experience creators

We know that products can be bought with money but not an experience. We are committed to make each of our clients experience the world of fragrance, that too at reasonable price.

Client Testimonials

Customer Testimonials, Reviews & Feedback

I would like to thank Ambergris for creating a fragrance experience at my Dell exclusive showroom inaugurated last month. I never thought fragrance will play such an important role in creating an ambiance for the store.

Several clients have already complimented stating that the showroom smells good! I will certainly recommend their fragrance experience service to retail showroom owners.

Jayesh Joshi, Director - Pendulum Solutions Pvt Ltd


I am thankful to Ambergris for helping me to select the right perfume for myself and my friends while on my trip in USA. They not only suggested the right fragrance as per my personality and budget but also suggested sources from where I can buy perfumes and save my time and money.

I wish you all the best in all your future assignments and hope to avail your services again and also refer you to my friends and help them experience the world of fragrance in a totally new way.


Akansha Sehgal, Hydrabad.

I am thankful to Ambergris for helping me to understand the finer nuances of choosing the right perfume for myself and others. The Personal Fragrance session helped me tremendously and introduced me to the entire world of perfumes in a completely new way.

Sonal Doshi, New york, USA

Very informative and myth buster workshop. - Sakshi Lakra, Human Resource

This workshop has helped me to understand how to use the right perfumes in the right way. - Daniel, F&B

In love with the workshop conducted by Ambergris today. I gained a lot of knowledgea and I am going to use all the tips and tricks while buying and applying perfumes! - Mamta, F&B

- Employees of Taj, Santacruz.

I am Thankful to Ambergris for helping me create a Fragrance Experience for all my patients on the occasion of celebrating Silver Jubilee of my Homeopathy Care Centre.

They very intricately handpicked perfumes for men and women along with scented candles and a personalized ‘Thank You’ note and packed them in a beautiful gift bag in a very short span of time. Wishing them all the best in all future endeavors.

Dr. Varsha Devalia Agrawat, Sadguru Hospital.

Ambergris introduced our employees to an altogether new dimension to perfumes. It has completely changed the way I perceive, wear, select and buy them for sure!

Nikhil Majmudar - Training Manager, Taj Santacruz.


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